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33 Things That Happen At The Moment of Salvation - A Disciplemaker's Identity Guide - Read & Study PDF Edition


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A Tool to fuel Disciplemaking Friendships and Families as your follow Jesus, together.

Licensing your Printable or team shareable PDF Download Edition - A Disciplemaking tool (Haver Guide) for personal inflow AND disciplemaking friendships, families or group use. $2.99 for a single first copy for digital reading or printing OR for multiple copes you simply purchase the number of licenses you want to share for $.99 each for additional (digital reader) shared or printed copies.

God's 33 Thirty Three Gifts to Believers: 1 Forgiven. 2 Child of God. 3 Having access to God. 4 Reconciled. 5 Justified. 6 Placed ?in Christ.? 7 Acceptable to God. 8 Heavenly citizenship. 9 Of the family and household of God. 10 In the fellowship of the saints. 11 Within the ?much more? care of God. 12 Glorified. 13 A heavenly association. 14 On the rock, Christ Jesus. 15 A part in the eternal plan of God. 16 Redeemed. 17 A living relationship with God. 18 Free from the law. 19 Adoption. 20 Brought near. 21 Delivered from the power of darkness. 22 Entrance into a new kingdom. 23 A gift from God the Father to Christ. 24 Circumcised in Christ. 25 Members of a royal and holy priesthood. 26 A chosen generation, a holy nation, a peculiar people. 27 His inheritance. 28 The inheritance of the saints. 29 Light in the Lord. 30 United to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 31 Blessed with the earnest first-fruits of the Spirit. 32 Complete in him. 33 Possessing every spiritual blessing. When God, through his grace saved us, he instantly imparted his life and righteousness to us.

<p><P>Lewis Sperry Chafer, in his 8-volume Systematic Theology, lists 33 works of God that comprise the salvation of a soul. According to Chafer, these 33 riches of grace are given by God instantaneous - simultaneously given and are grounded on the merit of Christ. (p.235, Vol. III) All of eternity will be spent enjoying and coming to understand the depth and riches of God?s grace and love, which he so lavishly poured on us at the miracle of our salvation. As we understand and see the depth of God?s grace, then we can truly worship him in truth and spirit. The more we understand what God has done for us, the more we understand who God truly is. For new believers? We believe that the understanding of your new identity in Christ will be the most effective grounding step you can take during these early days of your walk with Christ. For growing believers. Allow these truths to lead you in worshiping your Heavenly Father and encouraging other believers as you celebrate your identity in Christ. For ministering believers. Our new identity in Christ should produce a contagious excitement that you can overflow to both the body of Christ and new believers. We challenge you to walk through the first 14 days of this study with a new believer for their grounding in the faith and your reliving the joy of your salvation. Ways to use this guide: There are many options for using this material. The ultimate goal is to be built up and encouraged as believers in our understanding of our relationship with God. Here are some suggestions for how to accomplish this: ‰ As a pastor or leader of a ministry, preach through God?s good gifts to His children. In a small group setting, study one attribute of God?s gift each week. ‰ In a personal study, spend 33 days getting to know your position in Christ. ‰In a one-on-one study. ‰ As a prayer or worship theme guide.

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